. Bio:

Chris-P is an up and coming hip hop artist from South Carolina. More than just an artist this talented 23 yr old, writes for all genre, produces, engineers, promotes, & more. More than just a one dimensional artist he talks about more than just one subject, from streets, romance, pillow talk, political, plain party records or down to a raw lyrical level he's able to connect with almost any audien...ce. For this young'n its been along time coming 15 yrs of rhyming; 8 years of grinding meanwhile going thru it all. From getting signed and just sitting on the sidelines, BSing managers, personal struggles with family and law enforcement to the point he has even quit all together. Like any true artist though music soon called him back; with a new mindset and ambition Chris-P is on his indie grind. Dropping his first single last year, "Ask For Much" off his upcoming mixtape "Before We Get Started" which drops Oct 1, Is this year for change? I think so with his next single "Show You ft. O'Brian", maybe him and ThaERA is on to something


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